Selective Subject Reservation  
       • Students please select and register for 1 subject from the pool of subjects offered.  
     • Review the requirement for each subject and choose your preference.  
     • Each class requires at least 80% of class attendance.  
     • There is a limited number of seats in each session. We will use the first – come first served basis.  
  Steps for reservation  
     • Log-in to the system with your Internet account.  
     • Select at Schedule menu to view the class schedule and requirement.  
     • Select Booking menu for class that you want to register. If the class is full, then you need to select a new one.  
  Note : To complete the registration process, student have to submit the registration form and make payment via e-payment system no longer than the due date.  
  Problem for register  
     • Please contact the Academic Affair, ICT Faculty, Tel. 02 441-0909  
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